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We Have 40 Years' Experience with
Heat Exchangers
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Petro-Chem Industries is your # 1 source for these Heat Exchanger Repair Services:

• Heat Exchanger Repair, Cleaning, Epoxy Repair, & Tube Plugging
Heat Exchanger Fabrication & Retubing 
Plate Exchanger Service 

Experience how much better your plant can function with our expert heat exchanger services.
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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers , Condensers  Hydrogen Coolers, Tube Bundles

We offer full Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Condenser, and Cooler repair, cleaning, refurbishing, and fabrication and retubing per code Our facilities contains full machining and welding capabilities, to repair and fabricate heat exchangers and their components from tube sheets to baffles.  All tolerances and dimensions strictly held.  After repair and assembly, your heat exchanger will be hydro-tested or vacuum tested in our shop or in the field.  Full reports submitted.   

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Petro-Chem is your Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Service Center.

 We offer full service inspection and cleaning of plates for process contamination, and reconditioning of your Plate Heat Exchanger - all makes and models. We offer on-site disassembly and reassembly, cleaning plates and replacing gaskets. 

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers.

cleaning a Tube Bundle

Heat Exchanger Cleaning      Condenser Tube Cleaning

Heat transfer loss is a major problem in heat exchangers.  Petro-Chem will mechanically and chemically clean tubes – in our shop or in your plant.

  • Scale  removal -   chemical & mechanical cleaning
  • Oil & contaminant removal - tank system
  • High pressure Hydro-blasting
  • Clean in Place -  at your plant
  • Pressure testing after cleaning


Epoxy Repair

Heat Exchanger tubesheets, channels, and flanges which are deteriorated can be epoxy repaired. Metal based epoxy is applied to restore eroded surfaces on  tubesheets and gaskets surfaces.  After application of epoxy, ceramic is applied  to protect and extend life of repaired surfaces.


Tube Plugging

PETRO-CHEM INDUSTRIES is a certified "Pop-A-Plug™" installer, offering state-of-the-art tube plugging services. "Pop-A-Plug" is a tube plugging method developed and patented by Expansion Seal Technologies™. Their plugging system has a pressure rating of 6,000 psi, conforming to QA requirements ANSI N 45.2, 10 CFR50 App. B, and 10 CFR for nuclear applications.

Heat Exchanger Types Repaired & Manufactured

• Nuclear Power Plant Heat Exchangers
• Air-Motor Coolers
• Turbine Oil Coolers
• Transformer Oil Coolers
• Gas Coolers
• U-Tube Bundles
• Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
• Oil Refinery Tube Bundles

• Aftercoolers
• Innercoolers
• Acid Coolers
• Stator Coolers
• Extended Fin Coolers
• Exciter Coolers
• Mechanically Bonded Tube Radiators
• Motor Coolers

• Condensers
• Chillers
• Locomotive Radiators
• Marine Heat Exchangers
• Hairpin Exchangers
• Oil Refinery Heat Exchangers
• Chemical Plant Heat Exchangers
• Hydrogen Coolers

About Us

In business for over 40 years, PETRO-CHEM INDUSTRIES in Chicago, Illinois, is the name to trust in heat exchanger repair. We specialize in fabricating and maintaining shell and tube heat exchangers and servicing and refurbishing plate and frame heat exchangers for plants in the petro-chemical, steel, power, food processing, railroad, oil, and nuclear power industries. Our other services include transformer and hydrogen cooler maintenance. We are a fully authorized service agent center with 15,000 square feet under overhead cranes, for heat exchanger repair, reconditioning, and cleaning. We have experience manufacturing exchangers with a variety of material and types of construction.

We have superior experience and technical ability in our field - we can solve any problems you may face with your heat exchangers. Heat exchangers eventually breakdown ,  let us be your source for emergency repairs. We employ qualified technicians, possessing the knowledge and familiarity with different types and brands needed to fulfill all of your heat exchanger requirements with speed and efficiency.

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If your Plate Exchanger needs new gaskets, or plate cleaning – Call 773-847-7535



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