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About Us

PETRO-CHEM INDUSTRIES was founded in Chicago, Illinois, over 40 years ago by Bud Schroeder, an expert pipe fitter. We are a second generation business, now operated by Charlie Schroeder. Charlie, a Duke University graduate, has worked in the business since 1969. Through the years, we have manufactured, repaired, tested, and cleaned heat exchangers for the petro-chemical, steel, power, food processing, railroad, and nuclear power industries. Our customers are industrial and commercial, with a focus on Chicagoland, greater Midwest, and nationwide work. Then and today, we take pride in our technical skills, and our attention to detail.

In 1999, Petro-Chem Industries formed a strategic partnership with Ecker Erhardt Co., a nationwide leader in mechanical maintenance repair. Possessing a specialized 10 CFR Quality Control program, they specialize in maintenance repair for Nuclear Power Plants. Because of this partnership, we do business both as PETRO-CHEM INDUSTRIES and Petro-Chem-Ecker Erhardt. Due to our attention to detail, technical ability, and loyal customer base, we will soon be in business serving you for fifty years.

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About Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers used in general industrial manufacturing are known as process heat exchangers. They are found in industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants, and are used in heating, cooling, ventilating, and refining applications. They can be used commercially for refrigeration and heating. They can be described by their functions. For example, a condenser will condense a vapor to a liquid. Simply, Heat Exchangers are efficient tubular or plate units which transfer heat from one stream to another in an efficient manner. Though they are durable, Heat Exchangers do break down, foul, or leak over a period of time. Petro-Chem Industries is your source and place to call if problems do develop.

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About Our Plant

We have 15,000 ft under cranes specifically devoted to Heat Exchanger repair, fabrication, re-tubing, and cleaning. We have full welding and machining capabilities. Our procedures and equipment are certified. Our technical expertise is unmatched.

Trust a company with experience and technical
expertise to work on your Heat Exchanger requirements.  

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